Day 54

"Sure, you can try a sip of this..." It's really nice being able to share drinks with my girls. In 2014, when I was still 'undercover pregnant', I went to get drinks with my family. If I had turned down alcohol, they would have noticed, so I approached the bartender and asked for something fruity … Continue reading Day 54

Promises on Day 41

I have broken so many¬†promises¬†in my life. Especially promises I've made to myself. "I'm only drinking a glass of wine, this bottle will last me all week" "I'm not getting drunk at this party" "If I drink too much, I will not drive home" "If I drink this wine/glass/bottle/beer, I won't drink for the rest … Continue reading Promises on Day 41

Day 21

Quick update! Traveling for work and I am beat. I didn't drink today, even though it would have been easy to get away with. Nobody cared or really even noticed. I had definitely stressed over that being an issue. I'm in the clear!!