Day 253 Lazy Lazy Jane

There's a dental procedure called Open and Medicate. It's a procedure performed on an infected tooth. The patient walks, or limps (yes, people sometimes limp their teeth hurt so bad), into the office, has the procedure, and leaves their pain behind. A temporary measure that gives the tooth a chance to calm down before a root canal … Continue reading Day 253 Lazy Lazy Jane

Day 214 The View From the Top

Weddings are awesome. Weddings are beautiful and happy and joyous. They give you a reason to buy a new dress and a reason to stop and reflect on people you (hopefully) love to pieces. It's a day for a bride and groom to shine. A reason to pawn your children off on someone else while … Continue reading Day 214 The View From the Top

207 Days

207 days and I still haven't come up with a good enough reason to drink. Last Saturday night I went to my mom's bachelorette party. I was sitting there with 6 of her oldest friends, most of whom have been friends since they were kids, and my mom's friend asked why I wasn't drinking. Now, … Continue reading 207 Days

70 Dias

I recently turned 33. For my birthday, I received 2 bottles of wine and a really nice bottle of whiskey. I really am appreciative people thought of me, and I know these are very standard gifts, but I can only cook so much Beef Burgundy with the wine. Whiskey is being regifted to my dad, … Continue reading 70 Dias