Day 104

Drinking is a conundrum. Rather, my drinking was a conundrum. On the one hand, I functioned well and I had my issue tucked away neatly where hardly anyone could see it. Hardly anyone knew it was a constant source of obsession and pain. I'd enter into a conversation about drinking with extreme measure. I'd make sure … Continue reading Day 104

Day 53

53 days. It's not a spectacular number, but it's my number today. 52 nights booze free, 16 weekend morning/afternoons without so much as a drop of alcohol. I'm doing well with sobriety, and every day I know more and more that it suits me. This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday at a brewery. It … Continue reading Day 53

Day 34

Yesterday I got asked if I was pregnant. Not because of my figure (although I'm definitely heavier set in the pregnancy area), but because I gave up drinking. I was sitting in the backyard of my daughter's daycare, watching her and the other kiddos play before home time. She said Kristin (another mom from daycare) … Continue reading Day 34

Day 30

I once took a speech class, and on the day of my first presentation, I emailed the instructor and informed her that I was sick. I never went back to the class... Last week I traveled for work to give an update presentation on my work project. It's early days in the year-long project, and … Continue reading Day 30