Day 228 A Monday

Mondays suuuuuck. Even being sober doesn't improve Mondays*. I actually like my job, even though it's stressful. It's just shitty to return to the real world. No mid-afternoon snuggles or naps. No laundry gets done for the next 5 days. The work week is just. . .a lot of WORK. *sigh* *Okay, being sober does improve … Continue reading Day 228 A Monday

Day 214 The View From the Top

Weddings are awesome. Weddings are beautiful and happy and joyous. They give you a reason to buy a new dress and a reason to stop and reflect on people you (hopefully) love to pieces. It's a day for a bride and groom to shine. A reason to pawn your children off on someone else while … Continue reading Day 214 The View From the Top