83 Days

Thanksgiving tomorrow. What am I most thankful for? My daughter. She is my whole entire world and I love her more than I ever knew I was capable of loving any living thing. She is truly the light in my life and I could breath her in every second of every day and still, it … Continue reading 83 Days

75 Days, God Bless America!

Holy nightmare! I just woke up from cheating on my husband, drinking wine out of the bottle, destroying a fictional apartment complex, (yup, the entire complex- it looked a lot like the 3 story resort block we stayed at in Hawaii, but the back opened up to my childhood backyard.) Everyone I knew and love … Continue reading 75 Days, God Bless America!

70 Dias

I recently turned 33. For my birthday, I received 2 bottles of wine and a really nice bottle of whiskey. I really am appreciative people thought of me, and I know these are very standard gifts, but I can only cook so much Beef Burgundy with the wine. Whiskey is being regifted to my dad, … Continue reading 70 Dias