Day 59

Alcohol is so annoying. This afternoon I watched a mom of a two month old suck down a bottle of wine, claiming "you would do the same if you had two under two!" Excuse me while I unstick my eyeballs from where they have stuck in the upwards position. She asked me a couple questions … Continue reading Day 59

Day 54

"Sure, you can try a sip of this..." It's really nice being able to share drinks with my girls. In 2014, when I was still 'undercover pregnant', I went to get drinks with my family. If I had turned down alcohol, they would have noticed, so I approached the bartender and asked for something fruity … Continue reading Day 54

Day 34

Yesterday I got asked if I was pregnant. Not because of my figure (although I'm definitely heavier set in the pregnancy area), but because I gave up drinking. I was sitting in the backyard of my daughter's daycare, watching her and the other kiddos play before home time. She said Kristin (another mom from daycare) … Continue reading Day 34