Day 30

I once took a speech class, and on the day of my first presentation, I emailed the instructor and informed her that I was sick. I never went back to the class... Last week I traveled for work to give an update presentation on my work project. It's early days in the year-long project, and … Continue reading Day 30

Day 29

How I think it sounds when I say I don't drink anymore: "Hi, my name is Jen and I have an uncontrollable urge to grab your drink and slam it right down my throat. My life is recovering from shambles, and I am totally deserving of the mental label you're now assigning me that says … Continue reading Day 29

Day 21

Quick update! Traveling for work and I am beat. I didn't drink today, even though it would have been easy to get away with. Nobody cared or really even noticed. I had definitely stressed over that being an issue. I'm in the clear!!

Day 19

This weekend was tough. It presented two great opportunities to drink, and I came close to saying 'eff it' twice. Here I am on Monday morning, proud of myself for not drinking, but also having to seriously consider how close I came. If it wasn't for Snapchat, of all things, last night I probably would … Continue reading Day 19

Day 12

Things I've done so far without drinking: Visited for 45 minutes with my friend/daycare provider. She drank a glass of wine and we talked about great happy hours and build-your-own bloody mary bars. She still thinks I'm just not drinking in September. Did not correct her when she verbalized this assumption. I'm a wimp, and … Continue reading Day 12