On Quitting Smoking. . .

I have lived 185 days without a cigarette. This is a huge win, but it's also a huge struggle. I still battle the "just one!" thoughts constantly. Even as my fine lines become finer, my laughter that turns into coughing is less frequent, and even as I can smell my hands without shuddering. . . … Continue reading On Quitting Smoking. . .

503 Days – 10 Things

I keep opening and closing the tab to write an entry every 5 days or so. I feel like there isn't much to say, but also so much to say that I don't even want to start. So here's my quick bullet list of things I want to write about "soon", so that another 200 … Continue reading 503 Days – 10 Things

207 Days

207 days and I still haven't come up with a good enough reason to drink. Last Saturday night I went to my mom's bachelorette party. I was sitting there with 6 of her oldest friends, most of whom have been friends since they were kids, and my mom's friend asked why I wasn't drinking. Now, … Continue reading 207 Days