503 Days – 10 Things

I keep opening and closing the tab to write an entry every 5 days or so. I feel like there isn't much to say, but also so much to say that I don't even want to start. So here's my quick bullet list of things I want to write about "soon", so that another 200 … Continue reading 503 Days – 10 Things


Day 253 Lazy Lazy Jane

There's a dental procedure called Open and Medicate. It's a procedure performed on an infected tooth. The patient walks, or limps (yes, people sometimes limp their teeth hurt so bad), into the office, has the procedure, and leaves their pain behind. A temporary measure that gives the tooth a chance to calm down before a root canal … Continue reading Day 253 Lazy Lazy Jane

207 Days

207 days and I still haven't come up with a good enough reason to drink. Last Saturday night I went to my mom's bachelorette party. I was sitting there with 6 of her oldest friends, most of whom have been friends since they were kids, and my mom's friend asked why I wasn't drinking. Now, … Continue reading 207 Days

Day 95!

I've been so busy with work, family and life that I haven't been around much. I am missing reading everyone's updates and missing putting words on the screen. I only have about 5 minutes to make a post, so here's a recap of my company Christmas party, where I drank a gallon of coffee, and … Continue reading Day 95!